Thursday, 19 March 2009

Bleach 350 - The Lust 4

So Bleach 350 is out, like, super-mega-early...and it's fantastic! The past few chapters, mostly the ones based on the sins, have been a little bit boring, leading up to Ichigo's apparent "death". 

This time round though, Ichigo is back with a new form...and a different mask! Ichigo on the verge of death, decides "I will protect her" and stands up. Now, this is different to what we've seen the Visored do before, so maybe Ichigo is now in an equivalent "Resurrección Segunda Etapa"? (Whilst looking up that term on Wiki, I spotted some of the vandalism that's recently been made to the Espada page: Nnoitra Jiruga -> Not A Gorilla... inspired :/).

Posting on a forum elsewhere, I said that I'm kinda torn between this being Ichigo's hollow coming out (since he's got the hole in his chest) or whether he's gained full access to Hichigo's abilities. The opening few lines have him say "I... stand up I... I will protect her", now you could take the last line as his final decree, or it could be the hollow intervening and offering to do it (why though, is a devil of a question). Also, he's still got the hole in the chest and the whole mask - horns an' all is different to what we saw when he was hollowifying. 

Lots of questions raised in this chapter, and in traditional Bleach style, these won't be answered for quite a while.

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