Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Koukaku no Regios 02 - Capture The Flag!

Okay, my first post on an anime! I picked up Regios today, it has a fantasy feel to it (something I'm watching more of these days) but also looks to be action-packed with some staple comedy.

In this episode we again see Layfon's amazing power, in relation to his past as a member of the Heaven Blades, with his amazing fight at the end of the episode. Also in this, we see Nina's anger at him for not revealing his past. There are some nice moments along the way as we begin to get hints at the wider plot building and that Platoon 17 might be something other than just "another platoon".

As you'd expect, we're slowly starting to gleam some useful info regarding the world and the terminology. I found the whole "cities playing capture the flag" thing to be a bit odd, why is everybody playing live-action UT but without the respawn?

Overall a pretty good episode and Layfon's fight is a fantastic little setpiece, since it's obvious that he's way above everybody else in power level. However, this just highlights one thing that gets my goat in anime. And that's characters acting half-cocked on assumptions and labelling people as "traitors" or "liars". It's fair enough that Layfon doesn't want to discuss his past, and the fact that he is super-awesome, however, there's no need to jump to the conclusion that he's Grade A Aizen material. However, I can only say this with the advantage of being the audience and not a character in the series (I'd never remember to call my attacks).  I like the feel of the show and the pacing is just about right, it's got a Tales of the Abyss feel to it - and I love how TotA's story has gone so far (woe unto me gg!). I'm more than willing to stick this one out.

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