Friday, 20 March 2009

Toradora! 24 - Confession

Wow, poor Yasuko. I mean, Ryuuji really laid into her :(. Still, a great episode otherwise, if not a bit melodramatic "Taiga, I love you! Let's elope! *frolicking ensues*".

I've really liked the storyline of Toradora!, throughout it's managed to remain fairly realistic, the main characters aren't too stupid and don't have too many overwhelmingly obvious flaws (see any number of other romantic comedies. Suzuka is my main gripe. A great manga but Yamato is just that wee bit thick). When I started watching the series, I thought I could tell which ending was going to be the most likely. For a good chunk of the story, I thought it was going to be Amin. Then I realised the name, Toradora! (and read a story summary online that mentioned Takasu ends up with Taiga) and the Takasu x Taiga ending was born. To be fair, it was kinda obvious but refreshing to see that he does end up with Taiga, the story probably wouldn't work otherwise.

Hopefully, Episode 25 will tie up all the loose plot ends, like: where did Yasuko go (poor Yasuko!), how will Takasu/Taiga keep on going (since the preview for next week suggests they go back, odd) and how will everyone react to this (obvious) pairing? I can't wait.

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