Friday, 17 April 2009

Bleach 354 - Heart

It's been a while since I've made a post, but, Bleach has gotten my goat today.

Firstly, whilst frustrating to read through, the Ulquiorra/Ichigo fight was good fun and the new Hollow form was cool. As per usual, a new Hollow form appears and Ichigo isn't in control. Quelle surprise. But what's with Ichigo's "Cut off my arm and leg to make it a fair fight" attitude? Honour it may be, stupid it is. 

Then comes Ulquiorra's discovery of 'heart'. Since when did the cool, logical, analytical, bat-man become all touchy-feely?

Finally. Oh Yes, finally. Yammy. "The Espada go from 0 to 9". Yammy is the Cero Espada, the top dog. Good Grief, finally Bleach has become ridiculous. It's taken a while ladies and gentlemen. I was wondering for a while why Ichigo wasn't going to be able to fight Stark, the Primera Espada, but now all is revealed. Still, we're back to fights and releases are flying like mad, so hopefully Bleach should return to form soon.

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