Saturday, 18 July 2009

Asura Cryin' 13

So today I finished watching Asura Cryin'.

Asura Cryin' is one of those series that manages to both grip and completely annoy me throughout. The whole interaction between handlers, demons and Asura Machina is a great idea and the mechanics all seem completely natural within the story frame. However, the utter lack of explanation of everything (at least in the anime, not being fluent in Japanese somewhat hampers my reading of the light novels) until the final few episodes left me deeply tempted to drop the series. Fortunately, I'm glad I stuck with it. Following several lacklustre episodes in the middle of the series, that last three episodes take on much darker themes: those of tragedy and sacrifice. The death of Aine, whilst somewhat arbitrary (since the how and why of her death are introduced barely 5 minutes before), is tragic and the implications of it hit Tomoharu hard. All in all, this is a nasty cliffhanger, I'm hoping the 2nd season (slated for the Autumn Season) will continue to expand on the concepts core to the series. Especially those of the 1st and 2nd stage worlds, some of it is made obvious in the series but I've figured most of it out through the internet. Overall, it was an OK series, that was slow in places but delivers well at the end with a brutal twist.

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