Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A glorious return

Sooooo, it turns out that rather than not posting anything - I've not managed to watch/read anything in aaagggesss (pesky Ph.D). Still, now I'm back *cue rapturous applause and tearful fans*

I've decided to return to form and watch some of the shows from this time last year. First up has been Darker Than Black 2. So far I'm liking the series, I can't really understand why it was slated so much. It has good pace, the storyline is interesting and the character development is good and, surprisingly for a 12-episode series, well done. There's very little in the way of massive character changes, no sudden personality re-writes and definitely no 'all-change bell', a la 24...

Perhaps the ending is quite weak; I'm only up to episode 10 out of 12 so I'm not quite there yet. I still don't fully follow the ending to season 1, although that doesn't seem to matter quite so much having seen S2. I'm hoping that the Gaiden OVAs will fill in the gaps. Especially on what happened to Yin and the whole "Izanami" plot (although I can see the Izanagi/Izanami god/goddess thing going on). Either way, this season is very good and was quite a gentle reintroduction to anime. All that's left now is to watch K-On!!, Canaan, Aoi Hana (what? I *like* melancholy) then I can catch up on some of the more recent offerings >_<